Corlin Quarle Deld was one of the co-founders of the Verkuylian BactaCo.


Years before there was any sort of government on Verkuyl, Deld bought the planet in the hopes that he could make some sort of profit off the planets vast resources, such as the alazhi forests. In order to do this, he began building massive factories and hiring workers as indentured servants from across the Outer Rim Territories. From this came the genesis of an economy that helped create a government on the planet. Verukyl's government soon became very wealthy with Corlin Deld as the head. However, his role as a leader soon changed when the tyrannical regime known as the Galactic Empire came to nationalize the planet.

Deld created many secret passageways in the company's headquarters (later the Imperial Governor's Hall), that his grandson Daven Quarle and the New Republic Intelligence agent Selby Jarrad used during the liberation of Verkuyl from the Empire.


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