The planet Coronar was the site of an Imperial Intelligence base during the Galactic Civil War. After the Empire's destruction of the Alliance to Restore the Republic base on Dankayo, several datapacks were recovered from the ruins. They were consigned for analysis on Coronar aboard the Imperial Armored Transport Elusive, but the shipment was intercepted by Alliance agents, and Elusive was destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The base on Coronar is generally said to be an Imperial Intelligence facility in Scavenger Hunt; the internal "opening crawl" of the adventure, however, says that the datapacks are destined for "an ISB research facility."

As illustrated in Scavenger Hunt, the battle between the Alliance shuttle Bonderium and Imperial transport Elusive took place near a banded gas giant planet. The planet had several atmospheric spots and at least one cratered moon; but inasmuch as the Rebels used a gravity well projector to pull the Elusive from hyperspace before reaching her destination, this need not be the same system in which Coronar is located.


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