A Corrector was an elite officer within Sith Lord Daiman's domain. Correctors were hardcore Daimanite Force-sensitive Sith adepts who were assigned with carrying out law enforcement duties within Daiman's territories and enforcing the Sith Lord's twisted philosophy.


They carried lightsabers into combat and were known to target pieces of Daiman's "creation" that were deemed "imperfect". An example of this would be "correcting" a person who dared laugh at the "creator of all's" "eyes", Knel'char II and III, when the stars' orbits made Daiman appear cross-eyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Correctors first appeared as a plot element in John Jackson Miller's stand-alone novel Knight Errant. In an email, Miller confirmed that the Correctors were a separate organization from the Daimanate Sith troopers, describing them as Lord Daiman's equivalent of the Jedi and priests.



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