For other uses, see Corridor (disambiguation).
"You ever do the Belsavis Run, Han? There’s a spot in the southern hemisphere that’s far enough from any rift or vent to be atmospherically stable every twenty-four hours. The Corridor, it’s called. Because of the storms and the ionization in the upper atmosphere they can’t track anyone that’s not coming down a charted beam. You come in high, drop fast, and run along close to the ice to one of the pads."
Mara Jade to Han Solo[src]

The Corridor was an area on Belsavis' southern hemisphere. It was far enough from the world's volcanic vents to be atmospherically stable every twenty-four hours. Because the authorities could not track ships passing through it, it was used as a haunt for smugglers making the Belsavis Run. Drub McKumb had been one of the people who operated it.


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