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This article is about the Trandoshan who was a member of the Diversity Alliance. You may be looking for Corrsk, the Trandoshan who lived on the planet Genarius.
"Time to die, Wookiee!"
―Corrsk when confronting Lowbacca during the Battle of the Emperor's Plague Storehouse[src]

Corrsk was a Trandoshan member of Diversity Alliance in 24 ABY. He was part of Nolaa Tarkona's inner council and a general in the Alliance military forces. Corrsk represented the Trandoshan species in the organization. He also was easily stirred and enraged.

As many others in the Diversity Alliance, Corrsk loathed the Human species for the atrocities of the Humanocentric New Order. On one occasion, he was wounded by the Wookiee Lowbacca, who had turned against the organization after having learned what had become of his four Human Jedi companions. This increased Corrsk's hatred of Wookiees and Humans. Later, during the Battle of the Emperor's Plague Storehouse, he was killed by Lowbacca when the Jedi launched him out of an airlock.



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