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Corrun Falt was a male Human employee of Czerka Corporation on Citadel Station who greatly disliked Jana Lorso, his superior.


An unhappy Czerka Corp. employee on Telos IV after the Jedi Civil War, Meetra Surik convinced Falt to grant her access to the Czerka mainframe, exposing Lorso's illegal dealings and allowing her to thwart Czerka and ensure success for the Ithorians' restoration efforts on Telos.

Falt would later order Czerka's mercenaries to keep Surik out of Czerka controlled restoration zones on Telos's surface.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Though Falt only has a significant role if Surik sides with the Ithorians, he was also supposed to figure into the Czerka storyline if Surik sides with Lorso. In this version, Falt is also plotting against Lorso. Surik could either help Falt, or report his treachery to Lorso. If the latter choice was made, then Falt would be executed by Lorso's guards.



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