The Corsa-Vinn was a Ghtroc Industries Class 720 freighter owned and operated by the Duros spacer and honest free-trader Grumme Vinn.


The Corsa-Vinn was owned by several generations of Grumme Vinn's family, including his parents, many of whom operated the ship as a smuggling vessel. Grumme, who ran away from his parents once he learned of their smuggling profession, inherited the Corsa-Vinn at a point when it had become old and dilapidated. With no pride in his heritage, Grumme established a legal cargo transportation business, and flew his freighter along the backwater hyperlanes of the Outer Rim Territories. Typically Grumme would use the Corsa-Vinn to haul supplies to settlements, take on passengers, or run specialty cargo for picky clients. On several occasions crooked drop point agents attempted to con Vinn into hauling hidden contraband, but the spacer's moral code remained intact.[1]


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