"Corsignis is greedy and wishes to put all smaller businesses out of the system. We are small, but we are angry. They will not take Pinett from us. We live in the system, while they only come here to trade. We want them gone from our home."
―A member of the Jon-Tow Economic Development Group, on the Corsignis Property Alliance[src]

The Corsignis Property Alliance was a trading concern led by the Chagrian Deniv Corsignis that operated on the moon Pinett, in the Elrood sector. During the time of the Galactic Civil War, Corsignis claimed to be an affiliate of the Galactic Empire, but in reality it paid the Empire little attention. At some point, Corsignis began vying with the rival organization the Jon-Tow Economic Development Group for control of Pinett's spaceports. The dispute escalated and both organizations blockaded Pinett, in an attempt to prevent each other from controlling trade that passed through the ports Beliarr and Oscum. Both sides refused to back down and in protest at the blockade, a group of Pinett's inhabitants established the Pinett Freedom Force, and the protesters attempted to prevent starships that were affiliated with either Corsignis or Jon-Tow from landing on the moon.

During this time, a group of agents flew to Pinett and as they approached the moon in their starship, the Corsignis freighter Nosh vu'Ta and the Jon-Tow vessel Herriar both ordered the agents to enter a course to their respective landing facilities. The captains of the two rival ships then got into an argument as to which one them the agents should obey. The agents subsequently landed on Pinett and attempted to mediate a resolution the dispute between Corsignis and Jon-Tow, and the Human Nari Beksen represented Corsignis during the negotiations.