Raid on the Jedi Temple (Yinchorri Uprising)

Raid on the Jedi Temple, outside a rooftop entrance.

"That, student, is a cortosis shield. They're very rare, and, as you can understand, we're not anxious for that to change."
Micah Giiett to K'Kruhk[src]

A cortosis shield was a piece of protective equipment created from cortosis ore. It came in many different varieties, like armguards. Since the impurities of the ore were removed, they were as good at repelling lightsabers as cortosis weave armor. Like cortosis weave, a lightsaber impact against the substance would shut off a lightsaber.

Darth Desolous and his army of Pau'an soldiers used cortosis alloy shields in countless battles. With this weapon Desolous and his army slaughtered a countless multitude of Jedi.


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