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CorusMall was a trade center located not far from the Galactic Senate on Coruscant.


CorusMall' Storeroom

The Roonan owner on CorusMall's storeroom in 32 BBY.

CorusMall was a trade center run by Roonan traders, which included a storeroom, main trading hall, a platform with four lift tubes, and a docking plataform outside. The Roonans sold different goods from across the galaxy, including some collectibles from all over the Republic, and food like the best brand of chokie imported all the way from Tatooine.


Captain Quarsh Panaka visited CorusMall in 32 BBY while searching through Coruscant for the kidnapped Queen Amidala. After being attacked by some mercenaries led by a Sun Guard, Panaka sneaked in CorusMall storeroom where the Roonan owner told him to leave. He then moved onto the main trading hall, where the present Roonan traders told him that a group of thugs used one of the lift tubes and took Amidala with them to the lower levels of the city.

Behind the scenesEdit

CorusMall appears on the "Coruscant" level of The Phantom Menace video game, released in 1999. However, the events of this level contradict the movie storyline since the Queen was never kidnapped, but instead traveled safely to the 500 Republica.

The sign "CorusMall" is written in High Galactic alphabet, which is different and more rarely used than the most common Aurebesh system. Some glass cases from stores in the mall also have High Galactic writings.



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