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This Black Sun facility was located on Coruscant and housed a data network containing important information on the Black Sun organization. At some point a group of Pyke operatives, consisting of Jovel Nial, Matwe, Sinoca Meeku, and Tray'Essek broke into the facility and sliced into the network and downloaded important information. In the process, the group accidentally set off an alarm, and had to flee the scene. Jovel Nial had just completed the download, and the group escaped the facility on a speeder after a dramatic chase through the streets of Coruscant's Underworld.

Behind the scenesEdit

This facility serves as the plot-starter of the Under a Black Sun RPG campaign, as the information the characters download needs to be decrypted by Besalisk, who informs the characters of Kaa'to Leeachos - a bounty hunter whom the characters have to hunt down and confront, which is the main quest of the campaign. The present article assumes the canonicity of the four characters that are specified in the campaign.