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Max Rebo Corurcant Nights

"Max Reebo" - "Coruscant Nights"

This article is about entertainment on Coruscant. You may be looking for the book trilogy by Michael Reaves.

Coruscant Nights was a source of entertainment on the planet Coruscant during the Clone Wars. The musician Max Rebo was part of it. Posters were put up around the city in order to promote Coruscant Nights. One design showed white text on a dark background and read "Max Reebo [sic]" - "Coruscant Nights". Another showed the silhouette of two people against a blue background and simply said "Coruscant Nights".

Behind the scenesEdit

It is not known what exactly Coruscant Nights is, though the involvement of Max Rebo suggests that it may be a series of concerts or a festival of some sort.

The two posters are first seen in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode Lightsaber Lost, inside the building where Anakin Skywalker goes to fetch the criminal Car Affa. Only parts of the Max Rebo poster is seen in this episode, and the other poster is unreadable. Both posters are seen up close in Moshi Bar in in Lethal Trackdown. The second version can also be seen on the streets of Coruscant in Evil Plans, when IG-86 is searching for R2-D2. A mirror-inverted, and partially obscured, version of the Max Rebo poster can be seen in in an unidentified cantina in Pursuit of Peace.


Coruscant Nights vs. Spaceworld

The second promo poster for Coruscant Nights (bottom), accompanied by an advertisement for Spaceworld