"I have a personal message to deliver to you, one which I’d rather not put on even an encrypted channel. Unfortunately, one of the line directors at Coruscant Space Control feels that I shouldn’t be permitted to land."
―Talon Karrade to Leia Organa Solo[src]

Coruscant Space Traffic Control, also called Coruscant Space Control, was the New Republic government agency charged with controlling all space traffic that traveled to and from the planet Coruscant. Line directors would supervise various entry points and either clear or deny the starships from entering or leaving the planet. Line directors would be identified by a bureaucratic operating number.[1]

In 19 ABY, a line director identified as KTR-44875 attempted to prevent Talon Karrde from entering Coruscant. However, Karrade contacted Counselor Leia Organa Solo for help. She then called Coruscant Space Control and gave instructions for Karrade to be let through.[1]


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