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Corvalis was a Golan Space Colony 1 located in the Nezni system. The station, along with Henlon station were the location of an incident between the Rebel Alliance and the Hurrim. A civilian convoy from a company called Toburik Haulers was attacked by the both the Rebels and the Hurrim. The objective was to capture the cargo and leave the ships intact. However, as soon as the ships lowered their shields, the Hurrim showed their true colors and began firing upon the civilians. The Rebels managed to drive the Hurrim away and capture the cargo, but they were worried about the outcome of this incident.

A number of ships were present during the incident, including the Suili, a C-3 passenger liner, the Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 Amberhawk, Bentor, a Muurian transport, and the Riley, Action VI transport.