Meridian Grace

The Corvani

"Beautiful NX-1200. The pilot's chair was all worn in, I had the thrusters calibrated just how I like 'em..."
―Captain Ari Skyff, lamenting the loss of the Corvani[src]

Corvani was a NX-1200 freighter operated by smuggler Ari Skyff during the Cold War. It was outfitted with laser cannons, a glass cockpit, and a fifteen cylinder-hyperdrive with overload protection. In 3643 BBY, The Corvani was shot down by Imperials above the planet Balmorra while being used to supply the Republic-backed Balmorran resistance. Ari Skyff deployed an escape pod to survive the crash, but the ship and its cargo of weapons and medical supplies was lost. Skyff recruited a passing Republic spacer to recover the cargo and bring back a piece of the Corvani to serve as a memento.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Corvani's wreckage is the site of the Republic mission "Lost Love" on Balmorra in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the Imperial version of the world, the ship at the crash site is instead called the Meridian Grace and is the subject of the mission "Gift of the Exiles."


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