Corvastan Benelex was a bounty hunter and entrepreneur in the times of the Galactic Empire.


Corvastan Benelex operated as a bounty hunter and contracted to rescue the son of the president of Drearian Defense Conglomerate,[2] Mardu Avoa,[1] from Thalassian slavers. Although he killed the ringleaders, Benelex suffered a career-ending injury.[2] While recovering in a DDC medical facility,[1] Benelex decided to turn the situation to his advantage. He met with the vice-president,[2] Shiko Tanderris,[1] and requested a loan of two million credits and concessions on arms sales from the company. House Benelex was created with a specialty in kidnap retrieval.[2]

House Benelex was based on the planet Paqualis III and operated throughout the Outer Rim Territories, the Fellwe, Ehosiq, and Lostar sectors of the Outer Expansion Zone, and the Corporate Sector. During the Galactic Civil War, House Benelex had been in operation for twelve years and were a serious rival to House Tresario.[2]


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