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The Corvus was a Raider II-class corvette used by Inferno Squad during the Galactic Civil War. Originally an Imperial vessel, the Corvus joined the New Republic following Commander Iden Versio and Del Meeko's defection from the Empire. Approximately six months after joining the Republic, the Corvus participated in the final battle that marked the end of the war and the Empire.


The Corvus, as an Imperial Raider II-class corvette,[2] was a 150 meter-long assault starship.[1]

Before it was handed over to Inferno Squad, it had been gutted and installed with state-of-the-art computer systems.[1]


"You'll take it on your next mission. And any other missions when it is an asset rather than a liability. And of course, as time goes on, we'll get you a full crew."
Admiral Garrick Versio[src]

The Corvus under the Galactic Empire.

Following the successful completion of their first assignment, the starship was assigned to Inferno Squad for use on missions when the ship would be an asset rather than a liability.[1]

It was originally equipped with two pilots, with the Squad all taking turns at the controls.[1]

After the defection of Iden Versio the Corvus was handed over to the New Republic operation, upon which the ship was later given a paint job in New Republic livery and heavily retrofitted.The solar panels on the sides were removed and the engines replaced.[4]

During the time of the First Order, the ship was captured on the planet Pillio by Jinata Security forces. Kylo Ren was in search of Del Meeko who was on board the ship. After interrogating Meeko on the location of Lor San Tekka, Ren turned the former Imperial over to Gideon Hask, Meeko's former squadmate who executed him on the bridge of the Corvus. Hask then instructed Gleb to leave the ship on the planet in order to lure Versio into a trap.[4]

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The Corvus appears as Inferno Squad's personal vehicle in Star Wars Battlefront II.



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