"The rebellion doesn't exist on Metalorn. Not even as a rumor."
―Governor Corwyth[src]

Corwyth was the governor of the factory planet Metalorn during the Galactic Civil War, who kept the world aligned with the Galactic Empire. At some point his facilities were visited by Baron Orman Tagge of TaggeCo. During the visit, Princeess Leia Organa of the Rebel Alliance infiltrated Metalorn in an attempt to plant the seeds of rebellion within the planet's indentured population. As Organa fought her way through Imperial patrols, Corwyth tried to lead his men from afar in capturing Organa, but ultimately failed to stop her. Tagge decided to capture Organa personally, but was also foiled. After Organa escaped the planet, Tagge condemned Corwyth for his failure.

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