"You're joking. He's the worst player I ever saw."
―Unknown Stormtrooper about Cothron's sabacc playing.[src]

Lieutenant Cothron was a male Human TIE Fighter pilot of the Galactic Empire.


Lieutenant Cothron was stationed on the planet Halmad where he was captured by Wraith Squadron during their initial mission on the planet. Cothron was out drinking with other pilots at Rojio's when Wraith Squadron pilots Kell Tainer and Ton Phanan provoked a fight with their group. The bar's bartender called the planet's military police and when they finally arrived, all of the Imperial pilots—except the group's ranking officer, Captain Wanatte—were unconscious. The stormtroopers arrested all of them and on a deserted area, shot and stunned the Imperial pilots. The stormtroopers were actually the rest of the Wraith's in disguise, led by Wedge Antilles. The Wraiths took Cothron and the rest of the stunned pilots back to Victory Base in order to infiltrate the base and steal its TIE Fighters.

Talents and abilitiesEdit

Even though he was a pilot and bestowed the rank of a lieutenant, Cothron was said to be really bad in sabacc.