The Council of Enlightened Elders was a council that acted as the governing body of the Cult of Veroleem, a religious sect that ruled the planet Veroleem. Shortly after Veroleem was first colonized, the Force Adept Kryo Tinwole stumbled across some ancient Sith ruins on the world and discovered some texts that taught him how to create an elixir of immortality. Tinwole tested the formula on himself and using his new-found immortality, he corrupted the other settlers on Veroleem and forged the colonists' leaders into the Council of Enlightened Elders. Tinwole shared the secrets of the elixir with the Council, and the elders eventually came to be based in the city New Promise, the only major settlement on Veroleem. In the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War, a mining concern backed by the Exchange—a galaxy-spanning criminal organization—purchased Veroleem, in disregard to the Cult of Veroleem's claim to the world. The Council of Enlightened Elders launched a protracted legal battle to petition the Galactic Republic to remove the mining company from their world, and the Council eventually won their case. However, the affair brought the Cult of Veroleem to the attention of the Jedi Order, and the Council feared that the Jedi would learn of the crimes that the cultists had committed in order to gain immortality.