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"I am committed to the idea of a galaxy ruled by an enlightened leader, with laws that apply universally—not one set for the Core Worlds, another for the Outer Rim worlds."
"An autocracy, guided by the count of Serenno."
"I am ambitious, but not to that degree.
―Count Dooku and Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

Count of Serenno was a title held by Dooku as count of the planet Serenno.[1][2] During a dinner between the two of them, Wilhuff Tarkin once referred to Dooku by this title.[1]



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  2. Dooku continued to use the title of count during the Clone Wars. As one must have some location to have the title, and in Dark Disciple Dooku states his family wealth is from Serenno and it is shown it is where he is a count, it can be deduced that Dooku was still Count of Serenno during the war.