"Supreme Chancellor and honored delegates of the Republic, I appear before you today to beg your forgiveness. My inexperience with the responsibilities of state has led to make a faulty judgment. I hereby reverse my decision.
Today I signed an agreement guaranteeing commercial exclusivity with the Trade Federation. Under the terms of this contract, Naboo and the Trade Federation will enter a new era of mutual prosperity—one which we hope will ultimately benefit all the member systems of the Republic.
I respectfully request that you review the legality of these documents in preparation for my return to Coruscant. Once there, I will personally confirm this agreement before the Senate. We are grateful for your patience. End transmission.
―Holographic depiction of Queen Amidala of Naboo, forged by Gode Takrab[src]

In 32 BBY, the planet of Naboo was invaded by the forces of the Trade Federation.

In an attempt to make the invasion appear legitimate, Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray ordered holo faker Gode Takrab to forge Naboo's Queen Amidala's signature on a fake treaty with the Trade Federation. The counterfeit Treaty of Naboo was accompanied by a phony hologram, in which Queen Amidala appeared to consent to the Trade Federation's occupation of Naboo.


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