Courageous was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer of the Imperial Navy.

During Grand Admiral Thrawn's hunt for the traitorous Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin, Courageous played a central role in the task force's first two missions. In the Semag system, Courageous and its forces were responsible for disabling and capturing a Zaarin-friendly convoy and destroying its escorts, Strident and Rahmat.

It was dispatched in a preemptive strike against a traitorous fleet element and supply depot in the Gwar system. This was without authorization from Thrawn himself. During the raid, Courageous was destroyed by Zaarin's forces, but its starfighters led by Maarek Stele were successful in destroying the platform XQ6 Platform, Immobilizer 418 cruiser Bomb and Kuma squadron.



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