Courageous (Inexpugnable-class)

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This article is about the Inexpugnable-class ship. You may be looking for other ships of the same name.

Courageous was the name of Saul Karath's Inexpugnable-class command ship during the Mandalorian Wars. It was one of only six of its class in use during the war.



The Courageous was under the command of Captain, later Admiral, Saul Karath and served as the flagship of one of the Republic's battle groups. Commander Dallan Morvis was the ship's second-in-command, and then-Lieutenant Carth Onasi was a prominent pilot aboard the ship.

The vessel participated in a number of skirmishes throughout the Mandalorian Wars, including the Battle of Vanquo and the ill-fated Battle of Serroco. Following the devastation on Serroco, Admiral Karath ordered a retreat towards Telerath. In a dispatch to the Admiral of the Fleet, he revealed his intention to regroup at Myrkr or the Ryyk Nebula with the Tremendous battle group arriving from an undisclosed part of the galaxy. Unfortunately, a Mandalorian fleet damaged the ship and boarded it, thus forcing an evacuation.

The Mandalorians took what remained of the vessel and had it melted down for scrap. Mandalore the Ultimate forged a battle-axe from it which he later showed it off to Admiral Karath on board the Arkanian Legacy.




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