"It seems Coway tribes are ruled by a triumvirate. Those three laughing boys in the bonnets over there."

A Coway triumvirate was the ruling body of each Coway tribe. They wore headdresses of stone, bone, and other materials to designate their rank. Decisions were made with a majority vote, which could lead to heated arguments if two chiefs disagreed as each tried to persuade the third to their side. If the chiefs could not reach a decision, they might appeal to their deity Canu, who favored the winner of a trial by combat.

In 2 ABY a Coway triumvirate made just such a decision regarding the fate of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, and their companions Halla, Hin, and Kee. They ruled that Luke Skywalker would fight their champion unarmed. If Canu favored Luke Skywalker, he and his companions would be freed. If Canu favored the Coway champion, they would be killed. Luke Skywalker managed to overcome the Coway with the help of the Force. Having proven himself in battle, the Triumvirate later relied on Luke Skywalker to defend the tribe against attacking Imperial Stormtroopers.[1]


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