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"We are the Crèche. This egg is our charge, our purpose, our salvation. We protect and nurture it, and in return we bathe in its radiance. Its presence guides our lives. It holds salvation itself—the savior unborn. Someday the egg will hatch, and we, or our descendants, shall receive our reward for keeping it safe these many generations."
―A Crèche elder[src]

The Crèche were a culture of individuals who dwelled on the planet Ovanis, upon which they protected a giant egg that they believed would one day hatch a savior and lead to the salvation of the galaxy. The galactic explorer Lor San Tekka lived with them for two years to understand their ways. Many years later, Commander Poe Dameron of the Resistance found the Crèche and attempted to gain their trust as part of his search for the old explorer.[1]



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