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0 ABY, Salaktori Anchorage

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Bounty Hunters' Guild

"Though the Republic is thriving and the galaxy peace, there remains a need for the likes of myself and my associates. If you're tired of smash-and-grab pirates in your system; if a former associate has fled with your property; indeed, if any being has done you wrong, don't hesitate: contact the Bounty Hunter's Guild."

Cradossk was a legendary Trandoshan bounty hunter who led the Bounty Hunters' Guild. He was also the father of the notorious bounty hunter Bossk.


Born on the planet Trandosha, Cradossk left his family and became a bounty hunter like many other young Trandoshans in the galaxy. Cradossk was extremely successful as a bounty hunter and became a living legend for many bounty hunters who envied his success.

Before the First Battle of Geonosis, Wat Tambor hired Cradossk and his son, Bossk, to hunt Senator Rodd, Groodo the Hutt and Hurlo Holowan. This led the father and son to search for them from Fondor to Esseles.

By the time of the Separatist Crisis, Cradossk had become the guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. When a Jedi named Reeft accidentally killed a guild hunter named Tosinqas while they both followed the same quarry, Cradossk admonished the Jedi Order for the incident. He said that better communication was needed, and that the death of a licensed hunter was unacceptable.

Around the time of the Clone Wars, he appeared alongside Bossk in the holovid collection The Bounty Hunters' Guild's Greatest Hits: Volume VII, which recorded a number of disputes between the pair.[1]

Cradossk built up a fearsome reputation during his time as a hunter, and it was said that even Boba Fett held some respect for him. However, with age, even he started to decline in strength. His son, Bossk, grew resentful of the elderly hunter as he saw more and more weakness within him. Cradossk noticed Bossk's rebellious ways, and attempted to kill him through his partner Zuckuss during one of their missions. Zuckuss returned to Cradossk following their hunt and lied about Bossk being dead. To Cradossk's surprise, Bossk then entered the room. Cradossk was ultimately killed and devoured in his son's rage, helping to begin the Bounty Hunter Wars.

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