"No one knows what Cragus 12's name means. Those who ask him usually end up dead or, if they're lucky, seriously injured."
Airen Cracken[src]

Wanted by Airen Cracken and the New Republic for murder of New Republic personnel and destruction of New Republic property, as well as theft, the bounty hunter Cragus 12 was as mysterious as he was dangerous.


The male bounty hunter Cragus 12 was considered to be a mystery. His origins and the reasoning for naming himself Cragus 12 were unknown, but he worked for a variety of employers including individuals, organizations and the Galactic Empire. Rumors regarding Cragus 12's origins included the speculation that he was either a clone or a droid. He worked primarily in the border region between Imperial and New Republic space during the early years of the New Republic, and was known for his upfront and openly violent methods of capturing a target. Unafraid of causing a commotion, Cragus 12 would often inflict thousands of credits worth of property damage, but would leave non-targets unharmed. He flew the Kazellis-class light freighter The Claw, and was accompanied by his security droid GX-99.[1]

During the early years of the New Republic, Cragus 12 was wanted by the New Republic Intelligence Service for the murder of New Republic personnel, and the destruction of New Republic property. The reward for his capture was 50,000 credits.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Cragus 12 was a violent and intimidating individual, who was known to kill or injure those who asked him about his name. Well trained in many forms of weaponry and combat, Cragus 12 was able to use a blaster, and was exceptionally skilled with the arm-mounted repeating blaster. He was trained in unarmed and melee combat, and could throw grenades and operate missile weapons and vehicle-mounted weapons. He was familiar with alien species, cultures, languages and planetary systems, and was trained in survival techniques. Cragus 12 was a skilled forger, a keen investigator and was able to bargain or con an individual if the situation arose. He was also a known gambler.[1]

Technically minded, Cragus 12 could pilot space transports and starfighters through hyperspace, and operate communications, sensor and security equipment. He could also man the weapons and shields station on transports, and operate repulsorlift vehicles and jetpacks. Cragus 12 could repair armor, blasters, repulsolift vehicles, and space transports and their weaponry. He was also able to program and repair computers and droids. Cragus 12 was also well versed in the application of first aid and the science of cyborging.[1]


Cragus 12 employed a customised set of full-body battle armor with a helmet that concealed his face. A jet pack allowed for fast travel, and the suit contained a Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System. Cragus 12 was also outfitted with extensive cybernetics, including a cyberarm that replaced his right arm. He could exchange the hand for a repeating blaster. Apart from the cyberarm, his cybernetic improvements included a Hifold Sensory Package and a Cardio-Muscular Package both manufactured by Neuro-Saav Corporation. He also carried a comlink, datapad, grenades, medpac, syntherope and a thermal detonator.[1]


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