The cratsch was a tree-dwelling predator native to Bakura. Wilek Nereus personally killed one once, showcasing its teeth in his office.

Drawn to namana trees by swarms of birds that feasted on its fruit, the cratsch waited for them to drop to the ground in a flightless, happy stupor before eating them. Despite its relatively passive method of feeding, the cratsch was a powerful fighter. Each male would stake out a stand of namana trees by marking it with musk glands located near the base of its furred, prehensile black tail. It would then defend those trees against all other cratsch males. During the mating season, one prime male could successfully defend a large timberland. The cratsch had a wedge-shaped head with black "mask" markings; a long, lithe body; short, strong legs; retractable climbing claws; and brown fur.



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