Creatures of the Galaxy is a supplement for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game published by West End Games. It is a book written in an in-universe perspective that details several creatures it also contains the short story A Necessary Evil written by Chuck Truett. Excepting the worrt—included for being in the book cover and briefly described in the introduction—, all the creatures included were new creations, added to the Expanded Universe in this book, most of them were never used in following works by any Star Wars publisher.

Publisher's summaryEdit

The creatures of the Star Wars galaxy populate the wondrous worlds of the evil Galactic Empire! Inside, readers will get their first glimpse of lethal svaper "swamp demons", playful onahks and the terrifying deep space creatures known as "miner's horrors".

In all, over 60 new creatures are presented! Each entry features a detailed illustration, as well as complete information on the animal's habitat, behavior and special abilities.

A must have for all fans of the fantastic creatures of the Star Wars universe!


The following creatures are detailed in Creatures of the Galaxy:

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