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"Hello, all channels, anyone aboard Cartel research station Creataa-V please respond. This is Patla Soo, on Caarimon. Is anyone up there?"
Patla Soo[src]

Creautaa-V was a space station in orbit of the planet Caarimon, which was used by the Metatheran Cartel as a research facility. During the Clone Wars, the Believers—a Sith cult from the Cularin system—plotted to release a deadly virus on Caarimon, to wipe out the Caarite species. The assassin Melo Centris and a team of Believers led by the former Jedi Crymsin Ost landed on Creautaa-V and released the virus on the station, killing all of the research facility's crew. The Believers then attempted to send some escape pods containing samples of the virus down to the planet below, to infect the world. Howver, a group of freelance agents boarded the space station and confronted the Believers, preventing the virus from being released onto Caarimon.


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