The Creekpath Mining and Refining complex was a mine near Paeragosto City on the planet Batonn during the Imperial Era. Around the time a vein of doonium was discovered in the Pryce family mine on Lothal, the Batonn mine was looking to hire an assistant manager and an experienced foreman. After losing Pryce Mining, Governor Arihnda Pryce's father Talmoor Pryce worked as a foreman at the mine. Following the Battle of Scrim Island, Nevil Cygni's Batonn insurgents relocated to the Creekpath mining complex since it was protector by a deflector shield generator. Imperial forces and their Batonn Defense Force allies subsequently laid siege to the facility. Admiral Thrawn tried to negotiate a peaceful end to the siege but was rebuffed by Nevil. The Imperial Security Bureau Agent Gudry also planted explosives in the mine's explosive cache and deflector shield. Pryce later remotely blew up the mining complex in order to hide her role in Gudry's murder. The explosion wiped out the Batonn insurgents and numerous civilians.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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