"The stick is my wife Cretia, and the lump of fat is my alleged son and presumptive heir."
―Rodas Borgin, introducing his family[src]

Cretia Borgin, nee Cretia Malvern was a Human female from the planet Serenno, and a scion of House Malvern, one of the Great Houses of Serenno. Cretia Malvern married Rodas Borgin, who had become Count of his House following the Cleansing of Serenno. Cretia Borgin gave birth to a son, Pero Borgin. However, her husband refused to admit Pero really was his offspring, as the boy did not live up to the Count's expectations. Cretia herself was also openly mocked by her husband, who called her a "stick" and made clear the only reason he never sought divorce was to keep good relations with Cretia's brother, Count Orom Malvern. In 3 BBY, she briefly met Jahan Cross, an agent of the Galactic Empire who had been sent to help the Great Houses find a regent to rule in Bron Dooku's place until he came of age.[1] A bit later, as Cross arranged the death of Rodas Borgin at the hands of the bounty hunter Boba Fett, Cretia saw her son Pero take the mantle of Count Borgin.[2]


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