Thrawn: "What about our visitor himself?"
Niriz: "Very confident. Arrogant, even. Typical of a barbarian leader, whether he's got anything to back up the bluster or not."
Thrawn and Dagon Niriz[src]

Creysis was a commander in the Ebruchi pirate organization. Ambitious, he sought to move up the command chain.

One such opportunity presented itself when the Imperial Star Destroyer Admonitor arrived in the system which he patrolled. Passing himself off as a warlord king, Creysis boarded the ship, which its commander, Grand Admiral Thrawn, passed off as a colony ship. In this game of mutual deception, Thrawn had the upper hand, divining Creysis's position from his actions while scrupulously maintaining the illusion of weakness.

Thrawn offered Creysis a statue as a token of goodwill before opening negotiations for help finding a planet to colonize. Thrawn promised to have the fictitious "Council of Colonists" look into the matter.

Creysis received the "Council", consisting of Commander Voss Parck and a few stormtroopers out of uniform, then attacked and captured a TIE/LN starfighter, desirous of the advanced technology. Thrawn kept up the facade of harmlessness, pursuing slowly and luring Creysis into a false sense of security. Additionally, the TIE had been stripped of its advanced technology by Thrawn's technicians, giving Creysis a false idea of the Imperials' capabilities.

Falling further into Thrawn's trap, Creysis deployed a courier to his superiors with the statue as a token. He also dispatched multiple decoys on separate vectors, but failed to realize Thrawn had installed a tracking device in the statue. With the knowledge of where Creysis's base lay, Thrawn suddenly attacked, easily overwhelming the Ebruchi and taking Creysis prisoner.