"Jolli, Jolli-- easy to tell you're still new at this piracy game."
―Crimson Jack[src]

Crimson Jack's pirate gang was a group of spacefaring buccaneers led by the notorious red-bearded pirate Crimson Jack.


The gang was composed mostly of Humans who carried a variety of weapons from blasters to ancient cutlasses. They traveled together in a fleet of ships led by Jack's battlecruiser which they discovered drifting in space after an early battle between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Jack and his gang quickly dispatched the surviving Imperial crewmembers and took the cruiser for themselves. As it was expensive to run such a large vessel, Jack received financial backing from several criminal interests who, in turn, took a share of the gang's profits. Next in command to Jack was Jolli, a beautiful yet somewhat temperamental pirate.

Jack's gang had run across Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon soon after the Battle of Yavin and took the smugglers' treasure which was given to them by the Rebels for rescuing Princess Leia Organa. They captured Solo and his partner again, this time very soon after taking custody of Leia on her way to the Drexel system. The prisoners tricked their captors into taking them to Drexel, the last known whereabouts of Luke Skywalker, by telling them that the Rebel treasury was located there. At Drexel they ran afoul of General Quarg and has scavengers, and the distraction afforded Solo, Leia, and Chewbacca an opportunity to escape. The gang was soon free of the scavengers' jamming system however, and focused on destroying the Millennium Falcon and her crew. A space battle ensued which saw both the Falcon and Jolli's Y-wing critically damaged. Jolli requested assistance from Jack but he refused, focusing instead on getting back at Solo. Jolli was bitterly enraged by this casual betrayal and opened fire on her own crewmates, ramming her crippled craft into the battlecruiser's bridge and killing all aboard as well as herself. Jack was the lone surviving member at this point as he wasn't aboard his cruiser, but he was soon killed in a blaster duel with Solo, thus ending the gang's reign of terror.

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