The Crimson Stars were a band of pirates that operated on the planet Volik, in the Unknown Regions. The Crimson Stars first traveled to the Unknown Regions as part of a large pirate gang, but following a disagreement over a female, the band split into the Crimson Stars and the Ebon Strikers, with the Human Vallkos taking control of the Crimson Stars and his brother, Mallikhan, becoming the leader of the Ebon Strikers. The two pirate gangs feuded with each other and at one point, their dispute threatened to escalate into all-out war between them.

The Crimson Stars generally preyed upon shipping that passed through Unknown Regions and every few months, they dispatched a group of their ships to travel to the Outer Rim Territories to purchase supplies and sell on any exotic goods that the Crimson Stars had captured. However, the Ebon Strikers occasionally raided the Crimson Star flotillas on their return journey from the Outer Rim.