"It's not free…you're gonna pay for all of it right now. How long did you think I was gonna sit here and play with a cheat?"

Crin was a soldier in the Rebel Alliance, stationed on Endor following the climactic battle over the moon. A volatile individual, he was drawn into conflict with the smuggler Rik Duel, a situation only resolved through the intervention of Luke Skywalker.


Following the Rebellion's triumph over the Galactic Empire, the Rebels briefly used Endor as a base of operation, where Crin was stationed. During operations in trying to set up the Alliance of Free Planets, Crin became involved in a game of cards with Rik Duel, his gang, and the Iskalonian Kiro. Rik was an accomplished card player and easily cleaned out Crin and his soldier companions.

Although Rik may have been just that much better than the Rebels, Crin did not take kindly to his money being taken away so easily. Crin accused Rik of cheating and demanded that he return his money. Tempers flared at the comments, and Rik had to be restrained by his companions. During a trading of verbal retorts, Crin threatened to kill Kiro if he interfered in the argument. Rik's accomplice Chihdo took offense to the remark and pulled his blaster pistol on Crin, who responded in kind. Quicker than the Rodian criminal, Crin hit Chihdo in the side with a blaster bolt, causing him to fall from the tree podium on which the card game was taking place.

The rash act heated up the argument, and soon every person involved in the game had their weapon drawn. Luckily for Crin, Chihdo's fall was stopped by Luke Skywalker, who had been watching the entire situation unfold. However, the blaster bolt had badly injured the Rodian, and he lapsed into unconsciousness. As the members of the game stared each other down, Crin's fellow Rebel soldiers decided to take his side, declaring that while they didn't necessarily agree with what he had done, they always stuck together.

As Crin and his friends aimed their weapons at Rik and the rest of his gang, Dani suddenly leaped at Crin, pinning him to the ground. In response, Crin began shooting wildly, trying to get free of the Zeltron's grip. One of his wild shots almost struck several people on the ground, including Leia Organa, who had been watching the scuffle with Commander Skywalker. Realizing that the situation was now out of control, Luke used the Force to propel himself up to the fight.

Crin was still struggling against Dani, firing wildly, but Skywalker used his exceptional skill with his lightsaber to deflect one of the shots back at Crin, knocking the blaster out of the Rebel soldier's hands. Realizing the gravity of what he had done, Crin struck out at Dani, knocking her off of him, and decided to flee the scene. However, before he could get far, Crin was cut off by Skywalker who desired an end to the conflict. With a lightsaber in his face, Crin collapsed to his knees in surrender.

Although Rik tried to get Skywalker to execute Crin for injuring Chihdo, he was interrupted by Kiro who had come to realize why Skywalker had refused to train him. Kiro had been isolating himself from his friends because he had been angry at Luke for not accepting him for training as a Jedi. The conflict with Crin had made him realize the terrible effect that pent-up rage could have on the soul, and he explained to the group that no one should strike out against their friends only because they are idle and angry.

It is unknown whether Crin was court-martialed or punished for his actions, but he seemed to agree with Kiro's assessment of the situation after he had spoken. As a soldier stationed on Endor, it is likely that Crin took place in the upcoming Second Battle of Endor during the Nagai-Tof War, though to what extent is unknown.