Cris Pieterson was in charge of a tractor beam on the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Chimaera, under the command of Ensign Colclazure.



Pieterson is killed by Rukh.

Pieterson was a conscript.

During Grand Admiral Thrawn's plot to capture Luke Skywalker, Cris Pieterson had Luke in his tractor beam. However, Luke momentarily broke the targeting computer's lock on his X-wing and fired off a pair of proton torpedoes, which the computer locked onto and pulled toward the Chimaera. While the tractor beam was focused on the torpedoes, Skywalker was able to make the jump into hyperspace before he could be recaptured. When Thrawn went to the control station for the starboard tractor beams, he ordered the Noghri Rukh to kill Pieterson for not only demonstrating an inability to adapt to unexpected situations, but also for showing inclinations of insubordination by attempting to place the blame on his commanding officer, Ensign Colclazure.

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Pieterson appeared in the book as the result of a fan winning a charity auction; the other winner, who inspired Colclazure, then got to choose if the character lived or died.[2]


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