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Cristoff was a male Human business magnate who lived during the reign of the Galactic Empire.


At some point during that era, Cristoff traveled aboard a luxury liner that was bound for the planet Kailor V, and he bought several valuable gems with him on the journey.

Bink and Cristoff

Bink Kitik seduces Cristoff.

During the voyage, the criminal Bink Kitik began wooing Cristoff in an attempt to receive an invite back to his cabin, so that she could steal his jewels. Crsitoff fell for her charms, but while he made multiple requests to go back to her room with her, he never offered to take Kitik to his own quarters. During the final night of the liner's voyage, Bink's identical twin Tavia distracted Cristoff by posing as her sister, while Bink broke into his cabin and stole his gems from his safe.



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