The Crix-class assault shuttle, also designated A-2s, was an assault vessel used by the Galactic Alliance and later by the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet.


The Crix-class displayed certain characteristics of both CEC designs as well as some Mon Calamari features, given their cooperation on the design. The hulls showed the Mon Cal influence, while the interior, bridge and engines were very Corellian.[1]

It had an armored shell with a narrow slot between the halves for the engines, cockpit and weapons. It also had a long, narrow fin mounted on the upper hull which contained powerful long-range communication arrays. The A-2s was heavily armed and shielded and possessed significant firepower. The area between the shells was ringed by a series of blaster cannons, that could be fired automatically or by troopers aboard the ship. It also included four boarding ramps for rapid deployment of troopers and speeders. An alternate variant of the vessel, Crix-class diplomatic courier shuttle or Dc-4a also existed, with lighter armor, firepower and shielding.[1]


The jointly-designed Crix-class was named after Rebel/New Republic General Crix Madine, based on his Corellian background and for his effort to save Dac during the invasion of the World Devastators over a century earlier.[1]


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