Crix Yarrow was an aide to Mikdanyell Guh'rantt, mayor of Mos Eisley.


During 1 ABY, Crix Yarrow visited Bestine and stayed in the hotel. During his visit, he watched an entertainer who was sent by Anetia Kah'ryn to perform for him. However, the entertainer was actually there to learn some information from Crix. There was a sinister plot being carried out in Mos Eisley, and Anetia needed the entertainer to garner as much information as possible from Crix. Crix agreed to speak to the entertainer, and simply revealed that there was some criminal boss who wanted to control Mos Eisley. Unfortunately, that was all the information he knew.

Behind the scenesEdit


One of many potential, randomly-generated depictions of Crix Yarrow.

Crix Yarrow was a Non-Player Character (NPC) from the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. He was once part of a quest series for the Entertainer Profession in the game. People playing as an Entertainer would need to perform for Crix, and gain information from him concerning a takeover plot of Mos Eisley. However, the quest was removed when the New-Game Enhancement of 2005 were added to the game.

After each server reset, Crix Yarrow's appearance and species would fluctuate, but he was consistently depicted as a male.