Governor Crollick was the senior Imperial representative on N'zoth in the Koornacht Cluster, at the time of the Imperial evacuation in 5 ABY, eight months after the Battle of Endor.


Although Crollick had ultimate authority over the military presence at N'zoth, Commander Jian Paret was the ranking officer of the military force when the evacuation was ordered, and it was Commander Paret who transferred to the Intimidator to supervise the pullout.

However, as the evacuation was underway, Yevethan insurgents led by Nil Spaar seized Intimidator, and as Crollick's shuttle was leading a flotilla of transports from the surface into her hangar bays, the Yevetha turned the Super Star Destroyer's guns on them, wiping out all 20,000 Imperial personnel of the garrison and civilian administration based on N'zoth.


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