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The symbol of the cross was used as an icon in the HUD of Clone trooper helmets.

The Cross emblem was known to have represented techniques of healing since as early as the time of the Galactic Republic. While not unique to the Jedi, the symbol somehow became connected with the order's ability to heal the sick or wounded through the use of Force healing.

Behind the scenesEdit

The cross that represents Force Healing in these games strongly resembles the Swiss cross. In the real world this emblem has clear connections with the healing efforts of the International Red Cross and first aid, and Christianity. The cross is not colored red in most depictions, as the Red Cross symbol is protected by international treaties (the Geneva Convention), and the International Committee of the Red Cross has vigorously protected its exclusive rights to use the symbol, as it is a "protected symbol" (a sign of truce giving at least theoretical protection to the bearer/marked structure) during times of war.