At the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Moff Crowal was a Human female who served as a member of the Moff Council and governor of Valc VII. She had a habit of requesting more resources than her world could ever need and preferred to let the Yuuzhan Vong destroy the New Republic. After the Battle of Bastion, however, she decided that allying with the Galactic Alliance was better than enslavement. Following the Battle of Borosk, Moff Crowal provided Luke Skywalker with information about the planet Zonama Sekot. She also loaned xenoarchaeological Doctor Soron Hegerty to the Jedi Master and his team.



Council of Moffs of the Imperial Remnant
2529 ABY
Crowal · Kurlen Flennic · Freyborn · Ephin Sarreti
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