The Crown of Dubrillion was a traditional symbolic form of headgear that was worn by the monarch of Dubrillion. When King Arak Drayen III was overthrown and killed in 3749 BBY, he manage to take the crown with him and pass it to his son. His grandson Nok Drayen hid the crown on a ship within The Long Shadow until the day his family could retake the trone. In 3643 BBY Risha Drayen, the granddaughter of Arak, assembled the means to reach the Long Shadow and sent a smuggler known as the Voidhound to retrieve the crown. Nok himself eventually succumbed to a disease, but Risha kept planning to use the crown to retake the trone of Dubrillion from the current king Actavarus III.[1]

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Crown of Dubrillion appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic during the Smuggler mission.


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