Crucitorn was a Jedi technique for transcending physical pain beyond normal thresholds or decreasing. Crucitorn had two possible ways (speculative possibilities) of affecting a Force-user's target. Through means of mental infiltration, a Jedi could focus on another's sensation or interpretation of pain, enhancing it to seem as if an injury was more painful than it really was or alleviate the amount of pain produced. Another possible way that Crucitorn could increase the pain of a target was to literally focus on the wounds themselves, agitating them through the Force and causing more pain to course through the body, making it much more painful than how it would feel being left alone.

The only notable user of this technique was Eeth Koth, a Zabrak Jedi Master.

Jedi Knight Jacen Solo was taught a similar technique by Vergere during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


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