Cryalira was a female Tarasin who served as the Irstat-Kes of the Hiironi irstat, the largest Tarasin irstat on Cularin.


Cryalira spent most of her life as a hunter. She was surprised when the previous Irstat-Kes, Meirana, died shortly after the previous Mother did, making her Irstat-Kes instead of Dariana. She would have preferred roaming the jungle to her duties leading the irstat.[1]

She had difficulty making decisions for the tribe, believing that she had not been trained nor had talent for the role; but she was still growing into her position, and many believe she would made an excellent Irstat-Kes with time. Certain discontent elements of the irstat were conspiring against her in 32 BBY.[1]

Cryalira had the tendency to raise her crest when presiding, leading many to believe she was always angry.[1]

Her known relatives included her grandson, Fisonna.[1]



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