Crying Dawn Singer was one of the most famous singers in the Galaxy, performing for many audiences during the Galactic Civil War.


Easily distinguished by the splash of red on his chest, Crying Dawn Singer was managed by the Wookiee, Katykam. All of the credits he earned from singing were sent back to his homeworld, Crytal Nest, to benefit the Shashay race. During the Galactic Civil War, the singer was kidnapped on Najarka by Nak and Braig Farool. The brothers hoped to break the alliance between the Rebellion and the Shashay, by framing the Rebel Alliance in the kidnapping. Singer was eventually rescued from the planet Narg by Alliance agents.

Personality and traitsEdit

Unlike many of his species, Crying Dawn Singer was a free spirit and didn't conform to the normal expectations of the Shashay.


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