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Crystal Star Tugs were the starships used by the Lucents to guide ships, either visually or manually, from their realspace entry point to the Crystal Web Station at the edge of the Voidfire Nebula. As with all of the Lucents technology, these too were powered by the strange crystalline webs and energy-charged gems which allowed them to traverse the Nebula without suffering ionic damage from it. Though not designed for combat, each star tug did have one laser cannon attached to the front which could be used by the single pilot. When ships were ready to leave the Crystal Web, they would be escorted back out by a single Star Tug which would hook its uplink arm into any available access port and upload the hyperspace coordinates directly into the ships nav computer, though the star tugs could not enter hyperspace themselves lacking any form of hyperdrive. Though the ships were piloted by an individual pilot, they did have room for two passengers, and were perhaps used for training purposes also. They could reach a maximum speed of 260 kmh when in atmosphere.