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Crystal canyons
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Chandrila Jedi tomb

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New Republic era

"This place is amazing... It seems like it goes on forever."
Jaden Korr on the canyons.[src]

The crystal canyons of Chandrila were an enormous gallery of natural formations made out of rock and crystals, which formed a tight trench, with an abyss below it. The place was the site of burial of an important Chandrilan Jedi Knight, and his tomb was located there.

Some bridges and gaps were made to connect the two sides of the trench, and statues had also been made there.


In 14 ABY, during Jaden Korr's mission to Chandrila, he had to stop Tavion Axmis's Cultists from siphoning the Force from a dead Jedi Knight's tomb.

Jaden had to make his way through the bridges and caves of the canyons, and was able to stop the Cultists and run to safety, but the tomb collapsed shortly thereafter.


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